How I changed my life, and now want to help you change yours!

It was July 21st, and the day’s temperature had already hit 111 degrees. You could fry an egg on your car hood, yet nothing was going to stop me from my late day bike ride, or so I thought. I was living  just outside the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, NV, and riding my BMX bike down the sidewalk when I decided to jump the curb and land myself right into the hospital! I remember it like it was yesterday; broken collar bone, shoulder sagging almost two inches, and terrible pain and I would need the addition of Titanium on my clavicle to restructure my framework. A couple days later after leaving the hospital in my morphine fog, I had an epiphany! “Next time I fall, I want to bounce instead of break” Have you ever had an experience that changed the trajectory of your being? That was the beginning of exercising to build my body. I was a measly 155 pounds soaking wet. At six foot tall, I had some work to do.

Today, I am a healthy 185 pounds and always try to eat right and exercise often. I’ve since opened Adam Hoffman Fitness and want to hear about your experiences, and help you make the change to a healthier and happier youStory. – Adam Hoffman

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