Arielle Giordano, Masters of Arts, Masters of Education, is an author, professional dancer, inspirational speaker, certified Essentrics/ Aging Backwards instructor, and workshop facilitator. She enjoys sharing her gifts and talents with an authentic style rich in grace in dance, psychology, philosophy and the expressive arts. As a Lead Faculty Area Chairperson and Faculty Member for College of Humanities at the University of Phoenix, she inspired students with her profound knowledge and expertise in Art, Psychology, and Philosophy. She is a published author of Dancing with your story from the inside out! She also writes for Tampa Bay Wellness, We Woman and Transformation Magazines.

Arielle will be bringing her Aging Backwards with Classical Stretch & Essentrics class to Awakening Into The Sun!

A dynamic full body workout. Activates 650 muscles, frees your joints, and increases energy and mobility. Muscles hold the key to longevity and weight loss. Classical stretch / Essentrics draws on the flowing movements of Tai Chi which create health and balance. Integrates yoga and Pilates, the strengthening theories behind ballet, which creates long, lean, flexible muscles and the healing principles of physiotherapy to create a pain free body.

Creates a youthful feeling body and helps to relieve pain. Increases energy, flexibility and mobility, unlocks tight muscles and joints. Treats and prevents back pain and strengthens the spine and core. Improves posture and tones lean and defined muscles, and ages you backwards!

Arielle offers classes and workshops on empowering women, creativity, and dance. She offers consultations, private sessions and is a certified instructor in the Essentrics/ Aging Backwards program. Arielle has been a guest speaker on radio and television, featured in newspapers and magazines across the United States and Canada.  Visit