Dr. Laurel Geise, MBA, D.Min, is the CEO and Founder of The Geise Group, a St Petersburg-based corporate training and consulting firm specializing in bringing Mindfulness Programs to organizations to enhance wellness, increase productivity and lower health care costs to positively impact bottom line profitability.
With 30 years as a corporate executive in Fortune 500 companies, she knows the stress of our work environments. As an expert Mindfulness teacher for 20 years, she has taught tens of thousands of people the benefits of mindfulness. Dr. Geise is recognized as a leader of the Mindfulness at Work movement.

Dr. Geise is also a Professor of Mindful Sales at Closer College, a St. Petersburg-based sales strategy and training company. Closer College is the only company that brings mindfulness, including mindful communication, to their clients. Closer College is the nexus of sales strategy and training for companies who are interested in earning more business without sacrificing ethics. To learn more, visit http://www.CloserCollege.com.

Learn more about Dr. Laurel Geise at http://www.TheGeiseGroup.com.