To Michael, yoga is a practice of “living well” in all aspects of life; the “work-out” is an ancillary benefit contributing to whole body health.

Certified to teach alignment based yoga, yet community driven enough to embrace all yoga styles, Michael is dedicated to helping students embrace their limitations as opportunities to transform and grow: to see themselves as complete. His initial journey in 2002 was heavily influenced by the Iyengar method and remains; however, he also studied Ashtanga Vinyasa.

In 2003, he met his primary influences, Marc St. Pierre and Paul Sobin, both Anusara Yoga instructors. Upon discovery of the transformative vision of Tantra, which sees creation as an expansion of supreme consciousness, he found comfort knowing we are intrinsically good as a manifestation of that expansion. Through this awakening, he started discerning the beauty in everything and everyone: Unity through Diversity.

Michael is a doctor of chiropractic student at National University of Health Sciences in St. Petersburg and teaches public yoga classes at Yoga Etc. Studio – 3338 Tyrone Blvd.