Sheila Murrey

Sheila grew up in Williamstown, West Virginia. That area of the country by the Ohio river is known as the “Chemical Valley.” No one knows for sure what caused her to be diagnosed with asthma at six years of age, whether it could have been the toxic chemicals she breathed, the death of her beloved grandfather–absorbing all of her mother’s emotions during that time, her mother keeping the house “too clean”, or any other myriad of potential causes, but she was the first kid she knew to have to deal with that chronic dis-ease.

Even though the majority of Sheila’s family–particularly her mother–knew much about “laying on of hands” and prayer (Energy Medicine), and natural remedies to keep the family well, once she got married and began her career, she relied on pharmaceuticals to manage the asthma for many years.

Even though Sheila moved to Florida (in part because she could breathe easier here) over 30 years ago, she was on five medications for many years to alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms, even going so far as to take allergy shots for a year and a half. Happily, all that changed in 2005 when her husband’s aunt strongly recommended she try acupuncture to see if it might help her to breathe easier. After acupuncture, dietary changes, Raindrop therapy (using essential oils), yoga, and some other holistic modalities–in just SIX MONTHS, Sheila was asymptomatic–no longer did she need any allergy or asthma medication.

Sheila has continued to learn much about the world of holistic health and wellness. She lives asthma free, and has been for over TEN YEARS.

Sheila walks her talk by researching and trying out all manner of wellness modalities. As she learns, she writes about her experiences with many natural products, organic and whole foods, nutrition to assist the body’s own healing mechanisms, and all things Energy, in her “spare time.”

Sheila is a technical writer for a software development company and holds an A.S. in Business Administration and Bachelors in Communications. She has always juggled her self-care, along with a full-time career, education, and family–though now, her children are grown. She’s blissfully making time to leave a written legacy for her five year old granddaughter and soon due into the world, twin granddaughters.

After learning Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / “Tapping”) in 2006, Sheila took it upon herself to help others learn it since she could feel the ease and calm it brought her, physically reducing anxieties she’d experienced for years. EFT is easy and works “in the moment” to reduce stress and anxiety in the body. Sheila is honored to be sharing this technique with everyone at Awakening Into The Sun and monthly at the Awakening Wellness Center.

Sheila is humbly serving (part-time) as part of the team that’s bringing you the Awakening Into The Sun 2017 festival website.