Steeped with organic personali-tea

The Tea Alchemist™ provides quality, kosher, 100% organic tea blends crafted for your palate and lifestyle. Each elixir has its own personality, aroma, taste and effect.

The Tea Alchemist says, “​​I’ve had a passion for healing herbs since I can remember. I grew up on a farm in Kent, Connecticut where my parents would harvest crops and sell hand-crafted goods to make ends meet. They worked hard. My brother and I helped how we could. We’ve moved a few times since Kent, but we always had a garden no matter where we went. Green thumbs run in the Hawley family, my brother and I are no exception. My plant-whispering mother taught my brother and I how to turn soil into supper. She also taught us to speak words of love toward our creations, as a mother would speak words of love toward her children. I’m sure that it is without coincidence that the Hawley family name translates to “holy wood” or “sacred grove”. Continue reading at…