Barbara Allen

Barbara Allen, RYT500, ERYT 200, began her yoga venture in the early
seventies. It was a hit and miss process until the spring of 2008. The practice
came back with such ease that she decided to learn how to teach yoga, to help
others learn about something that could help them feel so much better, not only
in their bodies, but in their minds and spirits as well.
She has been teaching since December of 2008. Her studies began with a
Vinyasa flow style, moved into Anusara Yoga in 2010. She is currently an Anusara
Inspired instructor. Yin Yoga is a recent addition both to her own practice, and
teaching repertoire.
Yin Yoga – Emphasizing how a pose feels versus how it looks, yin is a delicious slow,
long hold practice that addresses connective tissue – bones, tendons, ligaments, and
collagen – applying gentle pressure to an area to facilitate deepening into the pose. The
poses are for the most part done on the floor, and are held from 3-5 minutes.
Our connective tissues take longer to respond. The practice of Yin is intended to
be a balance to a more active practice.