Cristiane Machado

Among the many tools that Cristiane uses to bring physicality into homeostasis, lies Movement. Cristiane has toured the Globe teaching Zumba Master Classes and hosting Yoga and ZUMBA Retreats. Cristiane is filled with Passion for ALL types of therapeutic movement. Either by Flowing the physical body into Asanas along the Breathe, or learning how to move the Ethereal and Energetic bodies into a ecstatic and tantalizing rhythmic dance with the Self, Cristiane Believes that EVERY Body was designed to move hence her desire to combine YOGA, Breathe, Meditation and DANCE.

Cristiane’s belief that we are ALL one and deserve love, respect and compassion, no matter the status quo, has inspired and empowered her to co-create the YogaLoka Project, a non-profit dedicated to bring YOGA, Meditation and holistic health to marginalized populations in order to transform mental illness into mental wellness.

Cristiane’s guiding style is a mix of HATHA, Vinyasa Flow and Laughing Yoga. Her main intention and purpose with becoming a Yoga Guide is to provide a safe space where CommUNITY connects and our minds and bodies express their divinity. Her practices are geared to first-timers and experienced Yogis.

Cristiane Machado