Lindy Romez

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Lindy moved with her family to New York City at the age of two before settling in Central Florida four years later. As a child, Lindy felt an immediate connection to the spirit of song and, most importantly, the ability to move people with her creative voice; the trumpet. Under the Florida sun and an ocean backdrop, Lindy spent her teenage years fusing the sound of salsa, merengue and other tropical styles with the structure of classical training.

At the age of twenty, Lindy enlisted in the US Army Band program at the Military School of Music in Norfolk, Virginia where she furthered her training in voice, trumpet and piano. During her first national tour with the US Army Band, Lindy had the honor of performing with the 82nd Airborne Division’s Jazz, Latin, Top 40 and Ceremonial bands at hundreds of concerts, military ceremonies and funerals.

In 2000 Lindy was involved in a car accident and for 5 years was unable to play trumpet or piano and thought at the time that it was over.

“During that time I recalled thinking what has always defined me was music, and it was gone… being in so much pain in every aspect was debilitating. The pain from my injuries and the pain with my new realization brought me to notice I was changing in ways I thought was not possible, filling with anger, disappointment and frustration. I began to pray more and began searching and reading everything that I could find about meditation. Then I found mantra’s sung or gently chanted in Sanskrit connecting me back to sound using this beautiful healing vibration where I felt an immediate connection back to my soul…”

In 2007 Lindy released her debut CD “New Day” on her independent record label, Amrak Records, and assembled her band Sol Y Mar and have been performing in Central Florida Since.

In 2009, Lindy and Sol Y Mar went into the recording studio and release their second CD for the holidays “A Christmas Card”.

Putting her last CD project on hold to explore yoga as a way to heal her body from recurring pain from injuries from the car accident in 2000, Lindy realized that if she didn’t get a better understanding of what is happening in her body, this path would not sustain itself and became certified in Yoga in 2010.

In 2011, Lindy reconnected with yogic music expressions like meditative music, New Age, mantra’s in Sanskrit and Kirtan (a call and response playful expression with the audience sharing and bathing in each others energies and uniting everyone into the gathering). “Arriving at this place through yoga to create more space within the healing aspects of music and helping people connect with their true essence is blissful to see and feel and I am honored through realizing that ALL things truly happen for a reason and being grateful through each experience is key.”