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2020 FREE Live Music Performances

Saturday & Sunday | March 7 & 8, 2020 | 11:30am-5pm

Saturday Lineup...

Speak Easy @ 11:30am

With effusive lyrics, danceable energy, tasteful electric guitar solos, and groove-driven rhythm, this 4-piece band delivers an undeniably positive vibe to any room. Fueled by sincere passion for making people move and strong desire to entertain, it is hard to find something not to like about these guys who speak nice and easy in person, too. With lead singer/guitarist Eric Yoder, singer/keyboardist K Sahagian, singer/bassist Brendon Porter, and drummer Jack Clements, this group delivers the right mix of classic style, well-developed musicianship, and a sunny disposition that wins over fun-loving fans of all ages.  Click here to listen!

Jordyn Zentz @ 12:30pm

Jordyn was born and raised in St.Petersburg, Florida, and has been playing music for over 8 years now.  “I enjoy every minute of it, I’m very lucky to have been raised in such a good location for local music, or rather, just local everything.  St.Pete is one of my favorite places, hands down, for its diverse crowd and local scene.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else doing what I do!”  Click here to listen!

Jitepa @ 1:30pm

Jitepa combines ancient and modern musical instruments and styles to set a meditative yet spontaneous ambiance.  The 21 string Mandinka Kora Harp and 8 string Luo Nyatiti Lyre set the rhythm and intonation for a mixture of traditional and improvisational music.  Click here to listen!

Drum Circle with Jimbo Talbot of DrumQuest @ 2:30pm

Drumming requires no specialized skills; we all are musical and hard-wired to express our rhythms. Drumming in circles is a whole-body deep listening practice in connecting with self and others. Hearts connect in rhythm, brain entrainment ensues and we access divine source in sharing intentions and inspirational vibrations. We are responsible for vibrations we share with the world. The language of the drum communicates those intentions far more effectively than spoken or written word. Alchemy results in spontaneous communities for transformation, joy, light and peace.  Click here to listen!

The Latin Jazz Knights Band @ 4pm

Founded in 1997 by percussionist Gilberto “Nino” Garcia, the Latin Jazz Knights have appeared all over the state with their diversity of music. They mix Afro-Caribbean rhythms and American standards in jazz and rhythm and blues.  Click here to listen!

Sunday Lineup...

Latin Rendezvous @ 11:30am

With Elise Amaral on vocals, percussion, violin & native american flutes & David Munoz on flamenco guitar; Latin Rendezvous is a duo that has been actively playing the Sarasota/Gulf Coast area since 2003. They perform a variety of vocal and instrumental World/Latin/Flamenco Music for many types of events, special occasions, parties, restaurants, and more. Their repertoire consists of Bossa Nova/Samba, Flamenco, Latin (ballads, rumbas, rancheros), as well as songs sung in various languages (English, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, etc).  Click here to listen!

Infinite Third @ 12:30pm

St. Petersburg, FL-based Billy Mays III chose his moniker, Infinite Third, to represent an inner duality. ‘Infinite’ being the part that’s connected to greater consciousness. ‘Third’ representing the human element. It follows that his endless layers of ethereal guitar, primal beats, and pulsing drones act as conduit for something greater than the sum of their parts. Songs are often improvised journeys through undefined scales, structured and concise, but with room for random moments of openness – the perfect gateway into experimental music. Click here to listen!

Christie Lenee @ 1:30pm

2017 International Fingerstyle Guitar Champion Christie Lenée is a captivating performer with a devoted following among instrumental, folk-pop and rock band audiences. Combining guitar mastery, contemporary singer/songwriter and a passion for storytelling, she thrives on bringing people together through the language of music.

Christie’s unique guitar work and profound instrumental compositions are well described as‘Michael Hedges meets Joni Mitchell andDave Matthews.’ Among the vast community of fingerstyle and tapping guitarists, her niche is the integration of melodic pop lyricism with catchy hooks that excite both modern commercial listeners and classic purists. With a menu of percussive and sonic effects, and larger than life sounding instruments, her solo shows embody layers of orchestral elements with a wide array of dynamics and harmonic textures.  Click here to listen!

The Mystic Voices @ 2:30pm

The Mystic Voices make up the fruit of varying backgrounds and unique talents. Laura Stack and Gloria Rice are an acoustic folk duo with a knack for sweet & soulful vocal harmonies. Their voices blend with acoustic guitar and various percussion instruments to create and perform spiritual and heart-filled music. Their acoustic folk duo performs locally and internationally.  Click here to listen!

Eluv @ 3:30pm

Healing Music Artist, Intuitive Channeler & Radio Personality Eluv, was born and educated in Melbourne, Australia. Eluv is the host of “Ultrasounds” radio show on WMNF, 88.5 FM Tampa. Thursday’s 10pm-Midnight. She creates beautiful inspirational music, guided meditations, and visualizations for relaxation and healing. Her recordings are featured on the Monroe Institute’s Hemi-Sync label, with binaural sound healing technology added to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 

Her singing style is a unique immersion into grace with her angelic vocals and sacred songs. Eluv combines her vocals with a tapestry of pure tones from the Crystal Singing Bowls, lush harp strings, and other beautiful sounds. Known for her open-hearted intuitive approach to healing, Eluv’s music awakens joy, heart opening, healing, well-being, deep relaxation and meditation.  Click here to listen!

Joel Jadus & Friends @ 4:30pm

St Petersburg, FL-based Joel Jadus & Friends have been sharing the uplifting musical message of Love, Unity & Freedom for about 8 years locally and at various music festivals and community gatherings.  

The mixed-genre, positive vibe, soulful sound is being dubbed “SunShine Medicine Music” and as one fan put it,.. the “music really moves my heart so deeply, I was brought to tears and laughter and wanted to dance all at once. The music sounds ancient and current while feeling very personal.”  Fan’s top favorite other artists include Bob Marley, The Beatles and Pink Floyd,.. and as summed up by another listener, the music “awakens body, mind and soul!…and inspires connection to a greater, higher Self!”  Click here to listen!

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