Our mission

Mission Statement

We seek to facilitate the awakening of the Spirit of Wellness within each person we meet so that their authentic light can shine brightly. We accomplish this through charitable programs, events, and services, enriching the entire wellness community.

Some people go through life asleep at the wheel. Hypnotized into conformity, many go through their days expecting the worst, putting up with general unhappiness, enduring high levels of stress coupled with low levels of energy and all around emptiness-of-purpose.

Awakening Into The Sun wants to be a coffee for your soul. A jumpstart for your dead battery. The fertilizer to your wilted plant. The muse for your future creations. We want to help awaken a genuine sense of wellness in each person we touch. To effect powerful changes in the lives of our local artists, musicians, health professionals, and philanthropists who will, in turn, go out and affect the lives of many others through their work.We will water your seeds of greatness until you grow so big you can’t be ignored.

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