A Big Smile

A Big Smile

Original Art by Mahesh Shrestha



A Big Smile


About Mahesh

Mahesh Shrestha is a 32 years old artist, born and raised in Okhaldhunga, Nepal. At a young age, he was introduced to art through his father, Bishow Shrestha(a famous painter in Okhaldhunga). Having art in his blood already, it was easy for him to develop his passion and talent by toying with the colors left behind after his father finished his work. Participating in school based art competitions and many other extracurricular functions from an early age, most of which he won first hand, which further propelled him into this creative discipline, amplifying his motivation.

Around 2012, he immersed himself in his very first formal art training, which was very short lived (typical for the nonconforming artist). Later, he was consumed with developing his skills on his own. Charcoal is his preferred medium of choice, though he appreciates working with various colors. Charcoal is dramatic and evocative, and gives the viewer a certain depth of aesthetic and emotion, all in one, yet still being very traditional. His artwork depicts the different forms of God and Goddesses in their human form, of his imagination, as he has been fascinated by the Hindu religion and philosophies. Academically wise he has finished his bachelors in Fashion Design and Masters in Business, yet he loves the artistic side more and loves gaining more knowledge.

Up to this day he has visited more than 7 countries including France, Spain and Netherlands which has helped him to widen his knowledge. Since 2019 he has been able to sell his art to the USA and wishes to do exhibitions there in the near future. So far he has done his solo art exhibition in his own place in February of 2021, which was the first ever exhibition in the whole district. Now he is planning to continue an art exhibition collaborating with upcoming artists from his village each year .

His favorite quote is: “Yes, I am, I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist and a Jew.” He is also the same, Just a believer, a dreamer aiming to create. From Mahesh to you…..


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