Awakening Into the Sun

All Levels BudokonYoga with Laura Lauraityte
Sunday, March 3rd

Budokon Yoga, founded in 2001 by Cameron Shayne, is a fluid mixed movement flow inspired by circular rotation, to transition you from asana to asana, allowing you to discover the full potential of your Hatha yoga practice. During the class we will explore the signature transitions from the Budokon Yoga Primary Series, which combines martial arts, mobility, and yoga. The aim is to transform the mind through movement, emphasizing the development of awareness and strength by enhancing the mind-body connection. 

Laura’s’ passion for movement and learning about nutrition launched her into yoga in 2015. Having arrived through CYT-200 hour, 50 hour Budokon Yoga and 50 hour Budokon Mobility teacher training; Laura is on a path for continual discovery through transforming the mind, body and spirit. Well versed in various methods of yoga, meditation and art of Thai bodywork she seeks to combine traditional practices with the newest trends developing a unique innovative experience. A true Budokon enthusiast dedicated to the belief that, “The way we do anything, is the way we do everything.” Laura seeks to combine mindful movement and holistic approaches for healing and individual growth. Her mission and living goal is to empower others towards self-discovery!