Awakening Into the Sun

All Levels Vinyasa Yoga with Yeni Fernandez
Sunday, March 3rd

My classes are moving meditations that use vinyasa and fluidus fundamentals to expand our awareness and boundaries, helping us into an extraordinary capacity for happiness and consciousness. Vinyasa can best be described as a flowing class, it is a style of yoga that teaches you to align with your breathe while flowing through movements. I am certified with a 200-hour Fluidus Yoga Teacher Certificate which emphasizes optimal alignment and focuses on strengthening the muscles while stretching them as well.

My name is Yeni Fernandez, I was born in Costa Rica, but raised by Cuban parents in Miami, FL. I found my passion for yoga about 5 years ago when I stumbled upon a yoga class and immediately got hooked! I was always active and loved working out, but yoga gave me something that exercises could never do and that was mindfulness and a connection to my true self. I have been taught by Sivananda teachers, several yoga retreats, and Fluidus teachers to bring together an amazing vinyasa class.