Awakening Into the Sun

All Levels Bhakti VinyasaYoga with Jess Taing
Sunday, March 3rd

Journey into the heart through vinyasa and the power of mantra. Bhakti is the path of devotion, encouraging its practitioners to cultivate a compassionate sense of awareness to the Self and to your community. Enjoy 45 minutes of flow, fun, and kirtan! 

Jess found yoga through her BJJ practice in 2016. Though she began her practice with the purpose of increasing flexibility, she gained much more than she anticipated: the freedom to dive headfirst into her aspirations. Shortly after her teacher training, she left her career and began her goal of becoming an orca biologist. Drawn to a vinyasa practice filled with a heart-centered intention, she enjoys sharing the art of yoga with yogis of all skill-levels. She encourages students to embrace the physical practice of yoga and the unlimited mental benefits of the art.