Breathwork and Opening Ceremony with Natalia Lopez

Saturday, March 2nd @ 10am-11am

North Straub Park, Downtown St. Pete

Breathwork with Natalia Lopez at Awakening into the Sun Festival 2024

Get ready for a rewarding and deeply activating breathwork ceremony. Come ready to surrender, let go of conditions or blocks that may be standing in the way of your greatness! 

Natti will be offering ice baths directly following the breathwork to get you into the zone and allow you to finally let go and embrace the healing that comes from overcoming the mind through the mind & body connection.

Natalia is a skilled bodyworker, healer & breathwork Facilitator. She has been trained in the fundamentals of the Wim Hof techniques otherwise known as Pranayama Breathwork. Through her own relationship to pain, trauma and crippling stress, Natalia discovered techniques to calm the nervous system through breath, mindfulness and leaning into discomfort.